The booming “sharing economy” represents a new philosophy of sharing and cooperation. But what began as an altruistic business model has become tainted by an egotistical desire for profit in recent years. Is it possible to recapture the solidarity-based, utopian potential of the early sharing economy in order to envision the future of urban society and cohabitation?
In its project “X Shared Spaces“, the Munich Kammerspiele addresses the paradoxes, benefits and drawbacks of these new economies, exemplified by such start-ups as Airbnb, Uber and NeighborGoods. The project investigates how society and everyday life have been radically affected by the conditions of the digital age. The participating artists will explore the theme at venues in the city of Munich, including 24 private Airbnb flats, specially rented for this purpose. International artists, such as Susanne Kennedy, Alexander Giesche and Damian Rebgetz, will develop ten-minute pieces for these venues which aim to transfer the cultures of the digital realm into the physical world. Audience members will be paired up and directed on walking tours which will take them to the various performances, installations and plays. On these site-specific strolls through Munich, the viewers will become tourists in their own city, modern rental nomads, collectors of urban and virtual experiences. “X Shared Spaces” hopes to offer viewers an idea of what the future of urban societies could look like and what opportunities, contradictions and risks the economies of tomorrow might bring.

Developed by and featuring: Alexander Giesche, Susanne Kennedy, Damian Rebgetz (AU), Susanne Steinmassl, Britta Thie and others

  • Date

    19.07. –


    various venues | Munich


Münchner Kammerspiele

Falckenbergstraße 2
80539 München