Yevgeni Khaldei - The important moment.

A retrospective

Yevgeni Khaldei's photo of a Russian soldier raising a red flag over the Reichstag in Berlin is one of the icons of 20th-century photographic history. Ten years after his death, this Berlin exhibition presented a major retrospective of Khaldei's photography. Khaldei's work is closely tied to German history in a biographical, historical and aesthetic sense. The exhibition presented his work in this context to audiences in Germany, Russia and Ukraine. For the first time, the greater public was able to view approximately 200 of Khaldei's original photos - a representative selection of his oeuvre that vacillated between documentation and propaganda. The exhibition paid tribute to the life's work of this Ukrainian Jew who was a victim of both German and Stalinist anti-Semitism.

Artistic director: Ernst Volland
Participants: Jacqueline Köster, Ingrid Fenner, Enno Kaufbold, Bernd Ulrich, Bernd Hüppauf, Peter Jahn, Heinz Krimmer


Voller Ernst GbR

Zossener Straße 55

10961 Berlin