Brass On

Music festival

Artistic directors: Tilmann Dehnhard, Lothar Gröschel
Artists: 12 miners' orchestras from Poland, Austria, Great Britain and other countries, 8 international and German brass bands
Venue: Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen
Schedule: 11 - 12 Aug. 2006

Against the backdrop of its gigantic, abandoned excavators, the open-cast brown coal mine in Gräfenhainichen, Saxony-Anhalt has been a spectacular venue for pop concerts for several years. As an impressive monument of industrial history, Ferropolis is the perfect place to take a more in-depth look at brass music made in the mining environment. Without becoming nostalgic, the Brass On! festival aims to show a broad audience the connection between traditional music of miners' orchestras and the different styles of pop music which it inspired.



Ferropolisstraße 1

06773 Gräfenhainichen