In commemoration of the 100th birthday of the great American composer John Cage, there were numerous events underway, dedicated to the works by this exceptional artist. The Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik in Leipzig has embraced the extraordinarily ambitious goal of presenting the experimental aspects of John Cage’s works in an international show comprised of 100 artistic events in public and virtual space. The programme featured commissioned compositions, performances, documentations, exhibitions, radio programmes and lectures which highlighted Cage’s aesthetic principles and decisions. A number of internationally acclaimed musicians, performers, fine artists and ensembles have agreed to participate. The results of this joint process were presented as a “Book for No-Thing” and a “Space for No-Thing”, which unite all the featured works in different ways according to their specific medium. In the same way that parts of “CAGE100” were randomly ordered and arranged in the spirit of the Cage’s principle of coincidence, the users of the “space” could actively alter the dramaturgy at will.

Artistic director: Thomas Christoph Heyde
Artists: John Cage (US), Tommi Grönlund/Petteri Nisunen (FI), Titus Engel (CH), Cristina David (RO), Yolande Harris (NL), Randy Gibson (US), Peter Ruzicka, Alvin Lucier (US), American Contemporary Music Ensemble (US) and others


Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig [FZML]

Kohlgartenstraße 24

04315 Leipzig