Ciphers. Kiel Days of New Music

Music festival

The festival programme 2008 featured pieces of New Music not older than ten years and composed by internationally renowned composers. The opening concert was performed by the Ensemble Modern, one of the world's leading New Music ensembles. Audiences could also enjoy other musical highlights, such as performances by the young, highly-acclaimed ensemble mosaik from Berlin and the ensemble reflexion K from Eckernförde, a unique, nationally-renowned New Music formation in Schleswig-Holstein. The festival-makers also organized special educational projects like Crescendo, Tuchfühlung (close contact) and Vibrations which aimed to increase young people's curiosity about the wonderful and unusual sound of New Music. In Tuchfühlung, school children entered into "close contact" with composers, while in Vibrations, music students discovered new methods of producing sound with their instruments. The lecture series Crescendo introduced three very different approaches to the Ciphers programme. Ciphers is part of the extensive New Music Network funding programme. (Photo: Marco Erhardt)

Venues and Schedule:
Kiel, Halle 400; 08. Feb. 2008 - 10. Feb. 2008
Opening concert: 08. Feb. 2008, with the Ensemble Modern


Staatskanzlei Schleswig-Holstein

Düsternbrooker Weg 104

24105 Kiel