Clang – Cut – Book

A compendium of concerts and interventions in urban space

The project “Clang – Cut – Book” featured selected composers who teamed up with writers to artistically process urban sound situations in Berlin and Buenos Aires. They identified locations in the city on the basis of their acoustics, historical background and local characteristics, and transformed them into musical-literary soundscapes.
Concerts and installations have been staged directly at the original locations in the city, resulting in a real-life acoustic feedback with the artistic soundscape. The stage designer Maria Noel Dourron developed the first two “chapters” – Berlin and Buenos Aires – of what will hopefully become a digital compendium someday. The works have been adapted for online presentation as well. In this way, the organizers hope to build a web-based library of local, musical-literary spaces from various cities around the world. Artistic director Thomas Bruns hopes that his project will make a long-term contribution to the artistic exchange between Argentinean and German composers, literary figures and musicians. The project aims to find other international artists who are interested in expanding the compendium in the future.

Artistic director: Thomas Bruns
Artists: Martin Bauer (AR), Walter Zimmermann, Ana Maria Rodriguez (AR), Andrew Noble (US), Cecilia Arditto (AR/NL), Harald Muenz, Pablo Ramos (AR), Ron Winkler, Florian Neuner (A), César Aira (AR), Ladys González (AR), Maria Noel Dourron (AR/NL), KNM Berlin, QNG quartet, winner of the realization competition

Church and Villa St. Elisabeth, Berlin, 17 – 23 Jun. 2013
Teatro San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 – 26 Nov. 2013
Moron cultural centre, Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina, 27 – 29 Nov. 2013


KNM Berlin – Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Klosterstraße 68–70

10179 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)