The topic of the interdisciplinary research project “TimeOut” was the phenomenon of time – time as an individual and social pacemaker; time as a limited, non-renewable resource of acceleration and deceleration, time as a metronome for the production of economic and artistic products. Time plays a constitutive role for the design and development of artistic works in the areas of music, film and performance, and time-based art forms are capable of offering recipients concrete temporal spaces for experience and reflection. The festival saw itself as a forum for discussion about our relationship with time. Over ten days, it offered audiences the chance to become acquainted with the prevailing terms of time, its structures and experiences from an artistic, scientific and philosophical perspective. Current discourse and theories have been intricately linked with our concrete experience of time in a variety of concerts, installations, performances and film projects, all of which offered visitors diverse modes of access to the phenomenon of time. The multimedia accompaniment of the festival guaranteed an extensive range of documentation.

Artistic director: Berno Odo Polzer
Artists: Ictus Ensemble (BE), Ensemble Mosaik, Minguet Quartett, Ensemble Adapter, raumlaborberlin, Cédric Dambrain (BE), Eva Reiter (AT), Bruce McClure (US), Caspar Langhoff (CH), Yaron Deutsch (IL), Leif Inge (NO) and others


Berliner Festspiele

Schöneberger Straße 15

10936 Berlin