These three projects presented new communicative forms of classical music to young audiences. Handel's cantatas are especially suited to contemporary dance because of their extreme emotionality and dramatic moments. The interplay of old and new artistic forms were interwoven in such a way that they addressed the experiences and needs of young people, providing them personal access to classical music, to old music (and to the music of their forefathers). An additional symposium presented and discussed new alternatives to traditional concert culture. The third project was an example of one such alternative. The choreographer Sasha Waltz developed a sound performance for classical music in which the musicians were integrated into the stage action.

Choreographer: Sasha Waltz; dance and choreography: Friederike Plafki; director: Derek Gimpel; singers: Deborah York (GB), Ruth Sandhoff; musical director: Chris Moulds (GB); solo violin: Midori Seiler
Venues: Berlin: Radialsystem, St. Pölten: Festspielhaus, Luxembourg: Grand Théâtre, Cologne: Philharmonie, Lörrach: Burghof, Baden-Baden: Festspielhaus, Steinfurt: Il Bagno
Schedule: December 2006 - June 2008


Akademie für alte Musik Berlin

Adalbertstraße 20

10997 Berlin