History Relived: The History of Music

Conversion and publication of historic audio material

In the past years, the music journalist Armin Köhler has spoken with internationally renowned composers in numerous interviews, all of which took place around the same time and dealt with the same clearly defined themes. Köhler then reworked the material into a collage for radio. He arranged the interviewees' answers in such a way that it seemed the composers were speaking together in a group discussion, some of whom have never really met each other in person. The radio broadcasts feature opposing aesthetic positions as well as different generations of composers. The Federal Cultural Foundation funded the efforts to convert this historic material for complementary forms of media, such as a print version, a CD production of the radio series, and its presentation in the Internet.

Artistic director: Armin Köhler
Artists: Louis Andriessen (NL), Pierre Boulez (F), Elliott Carter (USA), Peter Eötvös (H), Klaus Huber (CH), Younghi Pagh-Paan (ROK), Harrison Birtwistle (GB), Karlheinz Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel (RA), Cristobal Halffter (E), K. Penderecki (P)


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