In the Depths of Space: Tannhäuser at the Deutscher Hof in Kabul

Musical theatre – world premiere

Developed and directed by: Christian von Borries
Musicians: Staatskapelle Weimar, Video: Ute Adamcewski, Spoken by: N.N.
Venue: Wartburg banquet hall, Eisenach
Schedule: 9 Sep. 2006

The Wartburg is a symbolic place for Germans in terms of its political and religious significance in history. Strangely enough, pictures of the Wartburg decorate the walls of a restaurant named "Deutscher Hof", located in the Afghan capital of Kabul. This remarkable connection has inspired Christian von Borries to create a unique version of Richard Wagner's "Tannhäuser", applying the same compositional method he used in his controversial project "Wagnerkomplex" (Berlin, 2003). For his new production, he will collect transcripts of interviews held with Bundeswehr soldiers and chaplains in Afghanistan and have them spoken rhythmically to Wagner's music, similar to MCs in Hip Hop and Schönbergian spoken chants. In "Tannhäuser", the order of the Wartburg is dramatically contrasted by Venusberg, a place of desires and promises. In Von Borries' production, these opposing motifs will be symbolized by contrasting the text and music with film material taken from soap operas, TV commercials and Internet erotica sites.
Commissioned by the pélerinage art festival in Weimar, this unusual opera project employs the allegorical character of Wagner's opera to visualize the turmoil produced by the military and religion. The world premiere will be performed at the Wartburg in cooperation with the Weimar Staatskapelle.


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