ISM Hexadome

Immersive architecture for sound and video art

Digitalisation and technological advances over the past years have fundamentally changed electronic music and video art. They have resulted in new spaces of reception, in which sound can be perceived three-dimensionally and viewers, surrounded by 360-degree video projections, can immerse themselves in works of art. These immersive spaces of experience have provided sound and video artists with entirely new possibilities of expression. The Klangdom at the ZKM represents one of the world’s leading instruments, custom-designed for sound spatialisation. As part of its ISM Hexadome project, the ZKM has developed a new immersive audio-visual structure which combines the loudspeaker system of the Klangdom with a hexagonal 360-degree video projection system. In cooperation with the Institute for Sound and Music, the ZKM has then selected ten international sound and video artists for participation in a residency programme, during which they developed works that tapped the potential of this technically innovative system unlike any other. In order to offer a platform to artists yet unknown to European audiences, the project partners have conducted collaborative research with the international network Norient.
The works have premiered as live performances, after which they have been staged as installations at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, followed by presentations in Montreal, Belfast, London, Karlsruhe, Dresden and Hamburg.

Artistic director: Nicholas Brown Meehan
Project team: Marie-Kristin Meier, Ben Fawkes, Brendan Power, Annika Weyhrich
Cooperation partners: ZKM – Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Pfadfinderei, Berliner Festspiele, Norient – Network for Local and Global Sounds and Media Culture

Additional Venues and Dates:

ELEKTRA International Digital Art Biennial, ZKM – Centre for Art and Media, International Summer Festival at Kampnagel: spring 2018


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 29 March, 2018 : Exhibition & Installations

    Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin


Institute for Sound & Music e.V.

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