Osnabrück Morgenland Festival 2006

The Osnabrück Morgenland Festival wishes to promote the dialogue between the East and West and its world religions with performances of Middle Eastern traditional and avant-garde music.

On this occasion the Teheran Symphony Orchestra will perform together in concert with the Osnabrück Youth Choir. The artistic director has invited outstanding artists and mediators of cultural dialogue to participate in the festival's programme, including Daniel Barenboim, Shirin Ebadi and Rabih Abouh Khalil. The two-week festival in Osnabrück will enable large audiences to get acquainted with the diverse Middle Eastern musical culture which is practically unknown here in Germany.

Artistic director: Michael Dreyer
Artists: Teheran Symphony Orchestra (IR), Teheran Sinfonietta (IR), Nader Mashayekhi (IR), Salar Aghili (IR), Harir Shariatzadeh (IR), Rony Barrak (RL), André el Haji (RL), Modori (USA), Rabih Abou Khalil (RL), Asim Al Chalabi (IRQ), Rarida Muhamad Ali (IRQ), Farhad Darya (AFG), Trio Joubran (Israeli-Palestinian), Abdo Dagher (ET), Saleem Abboud Ashkar (Israeli-Palestinian), Mohsen Namjoo (IR), Anat (IL), Cyminology, Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra
Venues: Osnabrück: municipal hall, castle of Osnabrück, theatre of Osnabrück, warehouse, Bad Iburg Castle, Emma Theatre
Schedule: 20 Aug. - 3 Sep. 2006


Stadt Osnabrück
Fachbereich Kultur

Rolandsmauer 24

49074 Osnabrück