Music as a Meeting Place

Concert series by the Jakobsplatz Orchestra to mark the opening of the New Jewish Community Centre in Munich

The Jakobsplatz Orchestra was founded around the same time the new Munich synagogue was built by the young members of the Israelite Religious Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria. The orchestra is comprised of young musicians from 15 countries, half of whom are Jewish. In addition to reviving Jewish musical culture in Germany, the orchestra wishes to contribute to a culture of co-existence between Jewish citizens and members of other religions. In spring 2007, the Jakobsplatz Orchestra performed a series of four concerts directed by Daniel Grossmann to mark the grand opening of the main auditorium at the New Jewish Community Centre on Jakobsplatz.

Artistic director: Daniel Grossmann
Musicians: Noah Bendix-Balgley (USA), Marina Byelinska (UA) Jelena Citakovic (SCG), Danila Egorov (AUS), Alexander Fickel, Lee Eun-Hee (ROK), Makiko Hirata (J), Annie Khosroshvili (GE), Mareike Kirchner (NL), Philipp Miller (PL), Andreas Mittler, Alexander Opanovsky (RUS), Elena Rachelis (UZ), Amit Salomon (IL), Anastasya Tscherkanyuk (UA), Mark Tiktiner (IL), Sergey Trembinsky (RUS), Luc De Vos (B) and others

Venues in Munich: Theater im Haus der Kunst, Pinakothek der Moderne, Hubert-Burda-Saal am St. Jakobsplatz
Schedule: February, April, May, June 2007


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