Pèlerinages Kunstfest Weimar 2008

Art festival based on the theme “Disaster”

The Kunstfest Weimar pèlerinages ventured on a journey through diverse artistic areas and epochs. The festival presented both classical and recent contemporary music, exhibitions, dance, theatre and literary works.
World renowned artists had been invited to the festival, including the violist Tabea Zimmermann who was the artist in residence at the Kunstfest, performing in orchestra concerts and her own chamber music series. In addition to the musical focus, the festival also featured a Dance Media Academy for talented young artists who developed a choreographic setting using media art and performances.
The motto of the Kunstfest 2008 "Disaster"- a reference to the late piano piece by Franz Liszt titled "Unstern" - was the underlying theme for the entire programme, including the exhibition "Unstern. Sinistre. Disastro. Visions of Contemporary Artists" at the ACC Galerie.

Artistic director: Dr. Nike Wagner


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