Sommer in Stuttgart 08: Konzerte des Netzwerk Süd

A New Music Network project

The Netzwerk Süd is a network of musicians and musical institutions dedicated to promoting New Music in Stuttgart and its surrounding region. The programme started with a series of concerts at the music festival "Summer in Stuttgart 08". One of the events on the programme was the video-music theatre piece "Falsche Arbeit" ["Wrong Work"] - developed in collaboration by the composer Hannes Galette Seidl, the video artist Daniel Kötter and the members of the Jugendhaus Hallschlag. This was followed by Karlheinz Stockhausen's "From the Seven Days", performed by five ensembles - ascolta, gelberklang, Neue Vocalsolisten, Phorminx and Suono Mobile - an event that transformed the Stuttgart Killesbergpark into a nocturnal, musical landscape. Visitors could enter the park for free and stroll back and forth to the five ensembles positioned at different corners of the park, or sit down in the grass and listen to Stockhausen's "intuitive music". The partners of the Netzwerk Süd presented the results of their work in the final concert of the festival on June 24. Their pieces included revue-like musical theatre performances, classical chamber concerts, improvisations and new pop songs.

Schedule and venues:
23-24 June 2008 Killesbergpark and other venues, Stuttgart


Netzwerk Süd / Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart

Siemensstr. 13

70469 Stuttgart (external link, opens in a new window)