Curator Ulli Blobel and jazz pianist Leon Gurvitch have teamed up to produce a concert series titled “Sounds no Walls” in Hamburg featuring klezmer, jazz and chamber music. In cooperation with the Jewish community, the project invited prominent musicians from the German jazz scene to present the various facets of Jewish jazz music in concert – from traditional to innovative, from klezmer to chamber music.
Several concerts have been given by Steve Bernstein, David Krakauer and Uri Caine, the most important members of “Radical Jewish Culture”. This movement, which first began in New York in the 1990s, explores the connection between Jewish identity and musical expression. Branches of the movement later formed in Tel Aviv and Berlin; “Sounds no Walls” aimed to establish such a centre in Hamburg.
The year 2014 also marked a number of anniversaries in the German jazz scene: Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky was turning 80, Conny Bauer and Günter Baby Sommer have been celebrating their 70th birthdays and the Zentralquartett has performed together for 40 years. These and other important protagonists of the German jazz scene – e.g. Ulrich Gumpert, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Uschi Brüning and many more – have been invited to perform in celebration of these occasions. Guests from India, Cuba and South Africa enhanced the programme with their unique rhythms and performance methods.

Artistic director: Ulli Blobel
Composer: Leon Gurvitch
Artists: David Krakauer Madness Orchestra (US, IL), The Globe Unity Orchestra (GB, J, US), Zentralquartett, Han Bennik (NL), Uschi Brüning, Uri Caine (US), Dave Liebman (US), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Uwe Kropinski, Julie Sassoon (GB).


SNW Sound no Walls

Clausewitzstraße 5

10629 Berlin