[Nove] tendencije. Computer and visual research in Zagreb 1961–1973


Between 1968 and 1973 the Zagreb computer art festival "tendencije" was an important exhibition and discussion venue for the first generation of the computer-based arts. Most people in Germany today are unaware that the early avant-garde of this art form first established itself in southeast Europe. This exhibition in Karlsruhe presented the artistic and scientific milestones of the festival to a broad audience and depicted their significance in the development and current positions of the media arts today.

Curator: Darko Fritz (CRO/NL)
Research assistants / writers: Jerko Denegri (SER), Edward Shanken (USA)
Artists: Otto Beckman (A), Vladimir Bonacic (HR), Hiroshi Kawano (J), Gustv Metzger (GB), Frieder Nake, Edvard Zajec (SL/USA) and others

Date and venue:
23 Feb. 2008 - 18 Jan. 2009 ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe


Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe

Lorenzstraße 19

76137 Karlsruhe