A Cage Went Out to Catch a Bird

Theatre project

In a series of "echo-chambers"; Hans Peter Litscher takes the audience down corridors, behind and below the stage of the Volksbühne in Berlin in search of traces of Einstein's theories in works and writings by Kafka.

Artistic director: Hans Peter Litscher (CH)
Sound directors: Hans Jörn Brandenburg and Andreas Bosshard (CH)
Video: Manuel Gasquet (F)
Voices: George Tabori (H/GB), Bruce Myers (GB), Ueli Jaeggi (CH), Franz Schuh (A), Vera von Lehndorff, Luciana Castellucci (I), Min Xiao Feng (China) Kolia Litscher (F) and others

Venue and schedule:
Berlin, Berliner Festspiele, 21 Jan. - 4 Feb. 2006