Attention Pioneers!

A joint programme by the Staatstheater Braunschweig and z/k/m – Zagrebacko kazalište mladih, Zagreb (Croatia) - supported by the Wanderlust Fund

Kooperationsprojekt Achtung Pioniere! Copyright: Benjamin Rheinwald/Staatstheater Braunschweig

This joint theatre project is based on an historic occurrence that illustrates the interconnection between science, politics and military and financial interests. Braunschweig is home to one of the largest German Aerospace Centres and is closely associated to Graf Zeppelin – one of the pioneers of early flight and the constructor of the famous air ship. However, few people are aware that the Jewish inventor David Schwarz, who was born in Zagreb, succeeded in launching an airship before Zeppelin, who purchased and then reworked his plans.
Using this historic occurrence as their basis, the Staatstheater Braunschweig and the z/k/m Zagreb are collaborating on a play, developed by a "team of pioneers" at each theatre, comprised of actors, playwrights and directors. While the Braunschweig team will examine the tragic life of David Schwarz, the team in Zagreb will investigate how (aeronautics) scientists regard themselves and their profession today. In addition to the shared performances, the theatre partnership includes a youth theatre project titled "Workshop of Inventions" and a personnel exchange.

Theatres: Staatstheater Braunschweig and z/k/m – Zagrebacko kazalište mladih, Zagreb (Croatia)

Artists / participants: Christine Besier, Katrin Breschke, Ivica Buljan (HR), Claudia Kalinski, Daniela Löffner, Axel Preuß, Charlotte Roos, Ivana Sajko (HR), Andreas Steudtner, Slaven Tolj (HR), Desnka Virant (HR), Dubravka Vrgoc (HR), Juli Zeh and others

October 2010 – December 2012

Wanderlust blog

In February 2010 the participating theatres began sharing their impressions of their joint meetings, workshops, guest performances and co-productions in the Wanderlust blog. In addition each season, three Pfadfinder (scouts) headed out to visite the Wanderlust projects, describe the international theatre partnerships and documente these exciting cross-border encounters in texts and images.

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The Wanderlust Fund

The German Federal Cultural Foundation established the Wanderlust Fund to support German municipal and state theatres that wish to engage in a partnership of exchange with a foreign theatre for a period of two to three seasons.

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