The event series "Autoput Avrupa" examined the significance of this route through former Yugoslavia that still represents one of the most important connections between Germany and their home countries. The events addressed and encouraged international exchange on issues that extend beyond national borders, such as finding common perspectives regarding the transformation of urban realities and developing new cultural practices in a changing Europe.

In many ways, Berlin is a city connected to other places, languages, histories and views of Europe that point beyond territorial identities. This is reflected most evidently in the works of artists whose personal backgrounds are closely intertwined with the reality of unrestricted spaces and cross-boundary movement. The programme will mainly focused on the theatre and film works by these artists which add new perspectives to the familiar repertoire of images of life in Germany.

Artists: a.o. Gruppe Autoput (HR/BIH/SCG), Nuran David Calis (TR/D), Neco Celik (TR/D), Emre Koyuncuoglu (TR), Tuncay Kulaoglu (TR/D)/Martina Priessner (TR/D), Angela Melitopoulos (GR), Natasa Rajkovic (HR)/Bobo Jelcic (HR), Idil Üner (TR/D), Tamer Yiðit (TR/D), Feridun Zaimoglu (TR/D)

Venue and schedule: Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, March 2007


Kultursprünge e.V.
c/o beyond belonging
Hebbel am Ufer

Stresemannstr. 29

10963 Berlin