Black Face Jena

A Doppelpass-funded project by the Theaterhaus Jena and “Mass&Fieber Ost”

Black Face Jena © David Eckes und Paul Steinmann


The independent theatre group “Mass&Fieber Ost” teamed up with the Theaterhaus Jena for a theatrical research project. Their aim was to discover what kind of role minstrel shows – in particular “black face theatre” – played in the history of Jena, and more specifically in the development of “Mass&Fieber” and the Theaterhaus Jena. During the course of their two-year study, the project organized a variety of discursive events, hold two major theatre performances – at the Villa Rosenthal and the Theaterhaus Jena – and produced a scientific publication.


Theaterhaus Jena
Marcel Klett

Schillergäßchen 1

07745 Jena (external link, opens in a new window)