The Berlin dance company Dorkypark and its director, the Argentinean choreographer Constanza Macras, presented the production Brickland, a continuation of the mythic tale that first began with I'm not the only one in 2006-2007. The story is based on the dancers' home cities, such as Algiers, Mexico City and Gelsenkirchen, to which they return in Brickland. In her production, the choreographer makes reference to important studies of mythos theory that describe the return to one's home country following a long adventure or victorious battle as the ideal conclusion in a typical heroic epic. She lets her "heroes" return home to find it no longer the same, and poses the question whether anyone will listen to what they've experienced. 

Artistic director: Constanza Macras (RA)
Participating artists: Ronni Maciel (F), Knut Berger, Nir De-Volff (IL), Jill Emerson (USA), Jared Gradinger (USA), Hyoung-Min Kim (ROK), Gail Sharrol Skrela (CDN), Claus Erbskorn, Ana Mondini, Angela Schubot, Almut Lustig, Ulf Pankoke and others

Venues and schedule:
Schaubühne Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Théâtre de la Place Liege (F), Duo Dijon (F), Teatro Comunale Ferrara (I); 25 September - 31 December 2009


Dorky Park

Sophienstraße 18

10178 Berlin