In the economically hobbled region of Oberspreewald-Lausitz, the artists’ group “Wilske, Simoneit & Friends” from Hamburg has teamed up with the NEUE BÜHNE Senftenberg in search of new entrepreneurs. Children, ages six to fourteen, who have entrepreneurial vision and spirit are invited to turn their ideas into reality. As a first step, the children will transform the main stage into an entrepreneurial fair.

The project will then install a mobile “House of Entrepreneurs” next to the theatre. The children will move into the premises, found their companies and travel with the “House of Entrepreneurs” around the country so that they can share what they experience with interested children and grown-ups.

The finale, a documentary educational play, will premiere on the main stage in 2017. The children will discuss their entrepreneurialism and present the entrepreneurial roles they developed for themselves and subsequently played.


Wilske, Simoneit & Friends

Bogenallee 10
20144 Hamburg