Ceci n’est pas un Hype!

A joint project by copy & waste and Schauspiel Leipzig – funded by the Doppelpass Fund

Leipzig ist Hypezig. The city has become the urban, creative, pulsating metropolis that many people have long envisioned it to be. With the project Ceci n’est pas un HYPE!, the theatre collective copy & waste and Schauspiel Leipzig turn their attention to this boom town. At the heart of the project are the questions: What is the city’s image of itself? How is the legacy of past eras incorporated into this image? How extensive is the transformation? And what about those who have been culturally and economically left behind?

The project essentially examines Leipzig’s self- and external branding and highlights the staging strategies of individual protagonists, groups and city districts that are jointly crafting the “Hypezig” image. Schauspiel Leipzig and copy & waste are jointly exploring new locations – for example, in the district of Leipzig-Reudnitz. In the second phase of the project, the participants will converge at the theatre and investigate its architecture and the relationship between the audience and stage. In all parts of the project, copy & waste will work closely with the actors of the Schauspiel Leipzig. In the fourth format – a party – the participants and audiences will really hype it up!


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