From April 20 to 23, 2006, the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt co-hosted the Dance Congress Germany in Berlin - the first of its kind to take place in Germany in recent decades. This national event featured a wide variety of dance styles and provided dancers, choreographers and dance organizers the opportunity to meet one another and exchange ideas. Many prominent artists from Germany and abroad were also invited to the conference to participate in the events.
Some guests, who are well-known for their practical and theoretical expertise, had been invited in order to help anchor dance as an art form in Germany's cultural, social and political discourse. The participants addressed future-oriented structural issues and cultural-political strategies, as well as artistic processes, aesthetic issues and new perspectives for dance training practices.
In addition to lectures and demonstrations, the participants were able to delve more deeply into problematic issues and develop new theories in work groups and workshops. The congress was accompanied by dance events and performances, organized in cooperation with several Berlin theatres.

The Dance Congress Germany took place within the frame of Dance Plan Germany


Tanzkongress Deutschland
Sabine Gehm, Katharina von Wilcke

Lottumstr. 5

10119 Berlin