Debates for Ganden 2

Research project

Amanda Miller combines contemporary dance with 2000-year-old Buddhistic rituals in a new choreography for dancers from the Cologne dance company pretty ugly tanz and monks from the Ganden monastery in Tibet, famous for its "Tibetan debates".

Artistic director: Amanda Miller
Music arrangement: Heiner Goebbels
Research consultants: Geshe Gendun Yonten (TIB), 8 dancers from pretty ugly tanz köln (GB, I, P, E, J, N, USA, BNL), 5 monks from the Ganden monastery (TIB)

Venue and schedule:
Cologne, Schauspielhaus, begins 8 Dec. 2006
Performances in Berlin, Dock 11, 14 - 17 Dec. 2006


Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln
Uwe Möller


50667 Köln