Project description

Classical ballet, as it is presented on stages around the world, represents an era that held grace, control and discipline in high regard. With “LOYALTY” the choreographer Adam Linder, a trained ballet dancer himself, wishes to radically break with the conventions, language and codes of this classical dance form which have remained practically the same for decades, and introduce ballet to the 21st century. The meaning and use of traditional methods and techniques will be examined and augmented with new practices. Adam Linder aims to subvert the symmetrical spatial concepts of classical ballet performances, study the co-dependent relationship between music and dance, and incorporate the influences and vocabulary of other dance styles. Hip-hop, jazz, acting, performance and improvisation techniques from music and contemporary dance serve as his sources of inspiration.

In terms of casting decisions, Linder is also breaking into new territory. “LOYALTY” will feature classically trained ballet dancers alongside dancers and performers from the international, independent dance scene. This constellation is certain to raise questions about diversity, the benefits and disadvantages of the respective types of training and working environments, and their corresponding predominant aesthetics. The individual backgrounds and physical characteristics of the dancers, their different experiences, qualities and methods will be integrated into the production. Linder has voiced critical opinions about ballet in diverse artistic contexts in the past, and in this project, he continues his research on this genre in the same vein. Not only is the piece an experiment in form, it also provides the dancers the greatest possible freedom to actively participate in the artistic process in order to collaboratively reimagine the future of ballet.

Artistic director: Adam Linder
Artists and participants: Ethan Brown, Shahryar Nashat, Andrea Niederbuchner


  • 1 May, 2020 to 28 February, 2021: Performances

    Kampnagel, Hamburg


Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik GmbH

Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg

www.kampnagel.de (external link, opens in a new window)