With its project series “Recapturing the Future”, the International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM) continues to lay bare the contradiction of the global economy. By means of activism and the arts, the project aims to develop a concept for a politics of resistance. As a first step toward this goal, Milo Rau and his team will embark on a journey to the periphery of the EU, specifically to Matera in southern Italy. It was here that several famous movies about Jesus were filmed, e.g. by Pasolini and Mel Gibson. The project team plans to work with refugees, tomato farm workers, Nigerian prostitutes and unemployed farmers on a new film based on what is arguably the most influential, socially revolutionary book of all times: The New Testament. After completing the film, the IIPM will work together with the landless movement in Brazil on establishing an internationally staffed and networked “School of Resistance” to focus on the scandal of systematic expulsion and disenfranchisement in the age of human rights. Parallel to the premiere of their international documentary film project “Il Nuovo Vangelo” (The New Gospel), the IIPM will present their political interventions in Italy and Brazil to European audiences in the exhibition series “Recapturing the Future” featuring video installations, an interactive website and a book. The result will be a multimedial history of strategies of resistance from the times of ancient Rome to the present, from the refugee camps near Matera to the monocultures of Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul – the panorama of a post-capitalist society based on dignity, solidarity and equality.

Artistic directors: Milo Rau, International Institute of Political Murder and guests
Dramaturgy: Eva-Maria Bertschy, Stefan Bläske
Dramaturgical assistance: Carmen Hornbostel, Kasia Woijik
Set design: Anton Lukas, technical director: Jens Baudisch, production managers: Mascha Euchner-Martinez & Eva-Karen Tittmann


Dates and Venues:

Autumn 2019 – end of 2020, Teatri uniti di Basilicata, Matera; Teatro di Roma, Rome; congress: Mato Grosso do Sul / Sao Paulo; film premiere, exhibition, discussion series, book vernissage: Academy of the Arts, Berlin


Milo Rau / IIPM
International Institute of political Murder e.V.

Zwiestädterstrasse 10
12055 Berlin