This project highlighted an unusual subject: the dirt and other detritus of society, along with the remnants and waste of artistic production. These supposedly worthless materials served as the starting point for a process-oriented artistic project whose goal was to generate a new awareness of material. The project laboratory “Dirt” attempted to process this seemingly neglected material as a subject for art and theatre. Eight artists, including Manuela Infante, Simone Aughterlony and Thorsten Eibeler, conducted various experiments with materials of all kind and reflected on their ephemerality and permanence. They began what they called the “Dirt Apparatus” at the Heizhaus at the Berlin Uferstudios, where, over the course of several weeks, they designed rooms for performances based on the Chinese philosophy of the Five Elements. From there, the project went on tour to Rijeka, Hamburg and Malmö. At every location, the “apparatus” provided opportunity for lectures, performances and concerts. Each run culminated in “Dirt: The Show” featuring a presentation of the compiled results. A blog documented the process.

Artistic director: Stefanie Wenner
Room design: Thorsten Eibeler
Participating artists: Simone Aughterlony (NZ/CH), Quast & Knoblich, cobratheater cobra, Manuela Infante (CL), Liz Rosenfeld (US), Colin Hacklander (US), Farahnaz Hatam (IR/US)

Additional Venues:
drugo more Rijeka: 15 – 30 Sep. 2015; Kampnagel, Hamburg: 26 Oct. – 8 Nov. 2015; Inkonst, Malmö: 4 – 14 Feb. 2016


apparatus Wenner / Eibeler GbR

Turiner Straße 12

13347 Berlin