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A joint programme by the Nationaltheater Mannheim / Schnawwl and the Ranga Shankara Theatre in Bangalore (India) - supported by the Wanderlust Fund

Rama Ensemble. Foto: Christian Kleiner

The young actors’ group of the Nationaltheater Mannheim and the Ranga Shankara Theatre in Bangalore are collaborating on a theatre project that highlights the different worlds of Mannheim and Bangalore – two cities which have been shaped by industrial migration. In their collaborative project, both theatres present the challenges of co-existence and potential cultural conflicts on stage. The theatre partnership will conclude with a co-production of "Boy with a Suitcase", a modern adaptation of Sinbad by the renowned British author Mike Kenny. The German-Indian ensemble and directing team will depict the exciting journey of the boy Naz across continents and oceans on his way to Europe. Prior to the co-production, the Indian and German ensembles will hold guest performances and participate in joint workshops in order to acquaint themselves with the working methods and techniques of the other ensemble.

Theatres: Schnawwl / Youth theatre group at the Nationaltheater Mannheim and Ranga Shankara, Bangalore

Artists / participants: Andrea Gronemeyer, Arundhati Nag (IND), Gayathri Krishna (IND), Sophia Stepf, Marcela Herrera, Christian Thurm, Coordt Linke, Schnawwl ensemble, associated actors of Ranga Shankara (IND), Gracias Devaraj (IND), Eva Roos, Marcelo Diaz

Wanderlust blog

In February 2010 the participating theatres began sharing their impressions of their joint meetings, workshops, guest performances and co-productions in the Wanderlust blog. In addition each season, three Pfadfinder (scouts) headed out to visite the Wanderlust projects, describe the international theatre partnerships and documente these exciting cross-border encounters in texts and images.

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The Wanderlust Fund

The German Federal Cultural Foundation established the Wanderlust Fund to support German municipal and state theatres that wish to engage in a partnership of exchange with a foreign theatre for a period of two to three seasons.

Wanderlust Fund (external link, opens in a new window)


Schnawwl / Jugendtheater am Nationaltheater Mannheim
Andrea Gronemeyer

Brückenstraße 2

68167 Mannheim (external link, opens in a new window)