Doing it differently

A Doppelpass-funded project by the Wuppertaler Bühnen and the “büro für zeit + raum”

WB Gedanken © Tom Buber


In the first phase of this project, the headquarters of the “büro für zeit + raum” was transformed into a place of encounter where the acting and opera ensemble, chorus, orchestra and other employees of the Wuppertaler Bühnen came in contact with artists in the independent scene in and around Wuppertal. The results of this encounter were publicly presented in a series of events, held at irregular intervals starting in autumn 2012. They also served as research material for the first of two planned productions, scheduled to take place in summer 2013 and spring 2014. Tying into this interdisciplinary and open-ended working method, the project hoped to more intensively integrate elements of music theatre and composition in its new works, making classification into specific artistic genres superfluous.


Büro für zeit + raum
Anne Hirth

Fidicinstrasse 11

10965 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)