Dostoyevsky Trip / The Idiot

Harriet Maria and Peter Meining are the artistic directors of, one of the most innovative groups in the independent German-speaking theatre scene. Following their last piece, the science fiction classic "Solaris", the Dresden artists will now produce Vladimir Sorokin's play "Dostoyevsky Trip" based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel "The Idiot". The production, which will premiere at the European Center for the Arts Hellerau, addresses the theme of pathos and the mechanics of theatre as a power plant of emotion.

Artistic directors: Harriet Maria and Peter Meining

Artists: Thomas Neumann, Haymon Mario Buttinger, Pascale Schiller, Eva v. Heijningen, Mario Mentrup, Nikolaus Woernle, Stefan Doepner, Swantje Henke, Gabi Nagel, Sebastian Rietz, Thomas Fischer, Paul Gripma, Veit Sprenger, Caroline Melzig Thiel, Jens Zander and others

Venues: Hellerau, Berlin, Strasbourg, Zurich

Schedule: Premiere 14 July 2005

Harriet Maria und Peter Meining

Am Hausberg 3

01328 Dresden