Follow the Steps

Choreographic reconstruction for future generations

Susanne Linke is one of the last active students of the famous dance instructor Mary Wigman. In tribute to Wigman's teaching method, Susanne Linke returned to one of her most personal works - a solo she created in 1985 titled Schritte verfolgen (Follow the Steps). She divided the protagonist's development into three parts which were performed by the Belgian dancer Armelle van Eecloo (late twenties), the Italian dancer Elisabetta Rosso (mid-forties) and herself. Having the piece performed by three dancers from different generations, Linke addressed one of the central themes of dance - "eternal" youth and physical vitality. Schritte verfolgen represented one of Linke's dance theatre forms that requires no language devices. It was also the first in a series of choreographies she has developed in her lifetime which she hopes to "pass on" to a new generation of dancers.

Artistic director/choreographer: Susanne Linke
Participants / artists: dancers: Armelle van Eecloo (F), Elisabetta Rosso (I), Mareike Franz, Susanne Linke; lighting: Hartmut Lietzinger; set design: Roger Irrmann, Norbert Schmitz

Venues and schedule:
Pact Zollverein, Essen, 16 - 18 Feb. 2007
Academy of the Arts, Berlin, March 2007
Théâtre Le Phenix, Valenciennes, September 2007


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