Lö Bal Almanya

A musical play by Nurkan Erpulat and Tunçay Kulaoglu

This dance theatre project adapted an idea first dramatized in the now legendary theatre piece Le Bal by the Théâtre du Campagnol in the 1980s. The dance performance highlights the history of French society and was made into a successful film of the same name by Ettore Scola in 1983. Arranged in chronological order, the episodic scenes feature people in a ballroom, each of whom represent a different generation as expressed by their personal stories, their clothing and the music, to which they dance. The original French version has been internationally adapted many times, and, interestingly enough, twice already in Germany. The West German production by Jochen Schölch and the East German piece by Steffen Mensching retell the respective histories of "their" German states.

Originally a non-verbal dance theatre piece, this new pan-German adaptation with added dialogues by Nurkan Erpulat and Tunçay Kulaoglu focused on worker immigration in a divided, post-war Germany. Almost 50 years since the famous labour recruitment agreement between Germany and Turkey, this musical play brought long-forgotten songs and documentary material to the stage.

Artistic director: Shermin Langhoff
Director: Nurkan Erpulat (TR)
Author / dramaturge: Tunçay Kulaoglu (TR)
Musical director: Tobias Schwencke
Set design: Justus Saretz
Costumes: Lea Walloschke
On Stage: Melek Erenay, Katharina Koch, Tobias Schwencke, Muri Seven, Tim Seyfi, Sesede Terziyan, Cem Sultan Ungan, Michael Wenzlaff, Mehmet Yılmaz

Venue and schedule:
Ballhaus Naunynstraße Berlin, 11 - 25 May 2010


Kultursprünge e.V. im Ballhaus Naunynstraße

Naunynstraße 27

10997 Berlin

www.ballhausnaunynstrasse.de (external link, opens in a new window)