Choreographic opera project by Sasha Waltz

Matsukaze is one of the most popular classics of Japanese Noh theatre. The play is about two deceased sisters, who, overcome with unrequited affection for one man, linger on in the mortal world as spirits. This production by the choreographer Sasha Waltz is a successful series of operas which she began with Medea and Dido & Aeneas – pieces which focus on the fate of tragic female characters of antiquity. In her past productions, the internationally renowned Berlin choreographer expanded on the repertoire of music theatre with the inclusion of theatrical dance approaches. Her choreographed opera pieces possess a unique form, which combine dance, song and music in an innovative way. She has been successful at enlisting outstanding contemporary composers to write music for her pieces, and the same applied once again to Matsukaze; the Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa composed the score for the reworked libretto of this Japanese classic. The world premiere took place at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels, after which it premiered in Warsaw and Luxembourg and was shown at Schillertheater in Berlin.

General director/ choreography: Sasha Waltz
Composition: Toshio Hosokawa (J)
Musical director: Pablo Heras-Casado (E)
Vocal soloists: Barbara Hannigan (CA), Charlotte Hellekant (S), Frode Olson (N), Kai-Uwe Fahnert. Stage design: Chiharu Shiota, Pia Maier Schriever. Costume design: Christine Birkle
Dance / choreography: Sasha Waltz & Guests
Chorus: Vocalconsort Berlin

Venues and schedule:
Belgium, Théâtre de la Monnaie, Brussels, 3 – 11 May 2011
Poland, Teatr Wielki Warsaw, 31 May – 2 June 2011
Luxembourg, Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, 10 – 11 Jun. 2011
Schillertheater, Berlin, 16/17/18 July 2011


Sasha Waltz & Guests

Sophienstraße 3

10178 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)