Odyssey: Homeward Bound

Intercultural theatre festival

The Stadttheater Bremerhaven, the German Emigration Center and the International Theatre Institute in Paris organized a theatre festival titled “Odyssey – Homeward Bound”. Bremerhaven was an ideal setting for this type of festival; over the past 150 years, it was the point of departure for more than 7 million immigrants travelling to the New World. The guest performances, installations and the Stadttheater’s own productions all dealt with migration, identity and the search for a new home in vastly different ways. The artistic programme was accompanied by a symposium on the topics of home and migration at the German Emigration Center, curated by the Forum Diskurs Dramaturgie, one of the working groups of the Dramaturgical Society. All the guest performances at the festival were characterized by an unusual thematic and aesthetic point of view. Visitors had the chance to attend nine guest performances by renowned groups and artists, such as Rimini Protokoll, and installations by Anna Peschke and gold extra. The festival opened with Gerhard Meister’s play “In meinem Hals steckt eine Weltkugel” (“A Globe is Stuck in My Throat”), commissioned by the Stadttheater Bremen. The programme also featured the German premier of “A Small, Small World” by Konradin Kunze. And the director Monika Gintersdorfer was invited to continue her series “Logobi” in Bremerhaven, featuring Ivorian dancers and international choreographers.

Artistic directors: Ulrich Mokrusch, Natalie Driemeyer; Artists: Simone Eick, Fräulein Wunder AG, gold extra, Barbara Kastner, Nicole Oder, Nicola Unger, Konradin Kunze, Sophia Stepf, Niels Kurvin, Gerhard Meister, Monika Gintersdorfer, Rimini Protokoll, Philipp Harpain, Anna Peschke, Nora Mansmann and others


Stadttheater Bremerhaven

Am Alten Hafen 25

27568 Bremerhaven

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