Computers, networks and algorithms were created to serve humankind, but are they capable of achieving the ideals of modernity? Do they still hold the promise of freedom, transparency and participation? Or are we trapped in an impenetrable web of digital capitalism, in which humans are no longer a unique species but rather data-based elements in computerised networks? Many believe that the structures of electronic information processing, e.g. when predicting future behaviour, are automating and exacerbating inequality and discrimination. What political and artistic strategies are available for dealing with what some are calling “algorithmic bias”?
For its upcoming international festival on the “Politics of Algorithms”, the Munich Kammerspiele has invited technology experts, social and cultural studies scholars and artists to publicly discuss the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence. For six days, the participants will reflect on these developments and present current productions on the topic. Lectures and panels will serve to highlight the current debate with respect to socio-political issues and the role of algorithms and robotics in the development of the arts.

By and with: Marco Donnarumma (IT), Susanne Kennedy (D/US), Jisun Kim (KO), Dennis Pohl, Turbo Pascal, The Agency, Holly Herndon, Markus Selg and others

  • 11.06. –


    Münchner Kammerspiele | Munich


Münchner Kammerspiele

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