A Hellerau tribute to the Roma and Sinti cultures

Plakat zum Festival "RomAmor" © Hellerau, Dresden

In many places, the public perception of the Roma and Sinti is still characterised by unyielding prejudice. Seldom does one encounter an unbiased view of this “minority” of millions of people around the world who are seeing an increase in aggressive, antiziganistic attacks and crimes. In its project “RomAmoR”, Hellerau examined cultural identities and the current situation of the Roma and Sinti. It consciously avoided exotically romanticised clichés, but used them instead as a foil for productive discussion. International artists with and without a Roma background have been given the opportunity to participate in a forum which conveyed the manifold and heterogeneous cultural and artistic wealth of the Roma. A widely diverse, cross-disciplinary programme, developed through transnational cooperation, provided insights into the real world of the Roma and Sinti and created links between contemporary and folkloric, and traditional and experimental positions. Embedded in an extensive accompanying discussion and educational programme, “RomAmoR” hoped to contribute to sharpening and changing the broader public’s awareness of the Roma and Sinti.

Artistic director: Vera Marusic
Choreographers, dancers: Israel Galván (ES), Akram Khan (GB)
Musicians: Jacobo Abel (ES), Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra Frankfurt/Main, Shukar Collective (RO)
Artists: Lita Cabellut (ES), Delaine & Damian Le Bas (GB)
Photographers: Joakim Eskildsen (DK), Annette Hauschild
Curators: Timea Junghaus (HU)


The German Federal Cultural Foundation supports the establishment of a digital archive of the knowledge and arts of the Roma. From 2015 to 2019, an international collection of art from all disciplines will be gathered. The collection is to be enhanced by scholarly texts as well as historical and personal documents.

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