Online Series School of Resistance 2020

14 Jan 2021 – Livestream at 6pm

Die online series "School of Resistance" is continued on 14 January with a talk covering the topic "Politics of Interdependence: What would a truly caring corld look like?".
Prior to the exhibition "School of Resistance", international artists, activists, politicians and philosophers have discussed topics like freedom of speech, climate protection and human rights in 11 live-streamed talks so far. All episodes are available online.

The online series "School of Resistance" started off with a speech by the indigenous artist and activist Kay Sara in May 2020. Following the speech, the Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera, the Swiss director Milo Rau, and the Dutch curator and moderator of the talk Lara Staal engaged in a dialogue about forms of activism in the arts today. Kay Sara played the role of Antigone in Milo Rau’s production of Sophocles’ "Antigone in the Amazon".

With its project series “School of Resistance”, the International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM) continues to lay bare the contradiction of the global economy. By means of activism and the arts, the project aims to develop a concept for a politics of resistance. As a first step toward this goal, Milo Rau and his team have embarked on a journey to the periphery of the EU, specifically to Matera in southern Italy. For the project “The New Gospel” the team has worked together with refugees, farm workers, Nigerian prostitutes and unemployed farmers at the same locations where famous movies about Jesus were filmed by Pasolini and Mel Gibson. The project adapted the social-revolutionary message of the Bible for the 21st century and documented an attempted revolt to protect the rights of migrant workers on tomato plantations who are being exploited by the Mafia.

For the project “Antigone in the Amazon” the director and his team have headed to the Brazilian state of Pará where the tropical forest is being burned to make space for soybean monocultures. In collaboration with MST – Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra, the world’s largest landless movement – they developed a didactic play on the violent, state-perpetrated destruction and expulsion of land and people which favours private interests – and by extension, global trade and speculation – over the traditional right to land ownership. “Antigone in the Amazon” should have had its premiere in April 2020 in Pará with accompanying documentation.


Simultaneously with the premiere of their international film project “The New Gospel”, a video installation on both projects will be shown for the first time in January 2021 as part of the exhibition “School of Resistance” at the Akademie der Künste (Academy of the Arts) in Berlin. The result will be a multimedial history of strategies of resistance from the age of antiquity to the present, from the refugee camps near Matera to the monocultures in the Amazon – a panorama of a post-capitalist society based on dignity, solidarity and equality.


Artistic directors: Milo Rau, International Institute of Political Murder and guests
Dramaturgy: Eva-Maria Bertschy, Stefan Bläske
Dramaturgical assistance: Carmen Hornbostel, Kasia Woijik
Set design: Anton Lukas, technical director: Jens Baudisch, production managers: Mascha Euchner-Martinez & Eva-Karen Tittmann


Dates and Venues:

28 Sept. 2019, Matera, „Einzug in Jerusalem“ – public filming
5–6 Oct. 2019, Matera, „Verurteilung, Kreuzigung und Passion Christi“ – public filming
10 Oct. 2019, Rome, Teatro Argentina, „Auferstehung“ – political assembly
10 Nov. 2019, Palermo, Transeuropa Festival, „Erste Mission“ – Performance and political assembly
1–16 April 2020, Eldorado do Carajas, „Antigone im Amazonas“ – public filming
17 April 2020, Reenactment des Massakers von Eldorado do Carajas – performance and – public filming

  • Events

    24.02. –

    Exhibition „School of Resistance“

    Akademie der Künste | Hanseatenweg 10 | Berlin

    24.02. –

    Exhibition „School of Resistance“

    Akademie der Künste | Hanseatenweg 10 | Berlin


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