The Kasper H. Syndrome

International integrative theatre days

In 2005, the Armes Theater Association launched a new theatre festival in Chemnitz targeted at children and young people. In reference to the mysterious foundling of the 19th century, Kasper Hauser, who never uttered a word, the festival The Kasper H. Syndrome addressed physical handicaps from a new angle. Under the motto "What did you say?!", the Armes Theater Association teamed up with German and Czech guest artists who worked with blind and visually impaired young people from Chemnitz and Chorzow, Poland on projects based on communication between handicapped and non-handicapped individuals. In another performance, the artists played on the Kasper Hauser motif by examining the interrelationship between congenital handicaps and those produced by socio-political causes.

Artistic director: Liane Günther
Participants / artists: Heda Baier (CZ), ensembles: Compagnie de l'Oiseau-Mouche (F), Divadlo 2 Pasaze (SK), Theater Hora (CH), Theater Thikwa, Theater RambaZamba, Atelier Miaro (I), Visual Theater (F)

Venue and schedule:
VereinsEigeneBühne, Chemnitz, 26 Oct. - 11 Nov. 2007
Theater Maatwerk, Rotterdam (NL)


Armes Theater e.V.

Schönherrstraße 8

09113 Chemnitz (external link, opens in a new window)