Sweat Shop - Premiere

A Lecture Musical by the Theater Oberhausen and geheimagentur

Theater Oberhausen und geheimagentur: "Sweat Shop – Das Lecture Musical", Konstantin Buchholz, Sina Martens © Axel J. Scherer


Despite the pervasive mood of crisis, the geheimagentur in Hamburg and the Theater Oberhausen developed three improbable productions which present the future as an open process that can be collectively shaped. In a temporary betting office, which the project organisers installed in one of the many vacant shops in Oberhausen, city residents were invited to place bets on concrete future events. In the second part, the project set up a temporary factory in an abandoned industrial wasteland. This “factory” focused on the subjects of work and the future of production processes. In the second year, the artistic team returned to the theatre to develop a new format: the lecture musical, a combination of a lecture performance and a musical, with which one project partner has much experience producing, and the other, very little.


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