The Raspberry Kingdom

by Andres Veiel

„Das Himbeerreich“, Foto: Arno Declair

Based on extensive research and numerous interviews with former and current bankers in the financial hubs of London, New York and Dallas, Andres Veiel offers a new portrayal of the world of crises, exchange rates and investment brokers in “The Raspberry Kingdom”. Veiel asked the protagonists about how they view the crisis, as well as their personal motives and incentives. How do these German and international investment brokers and bank board members assess the prospects of the international financial system? How do they judge their own actions and those of the government? The bankers’ life stories and off-the-record remarks provide a fascinating insight into the processes and mechanisms which influence our society and daily life.
Andres Veiel condensed and arranged various snippets from the interviews with other documents – e.g. newspaper articles and annual reports – to create a literary-documentary text. The performance has been accompanied by discussions and symposiums. “The Raspberry Kingdom” was a joint project between the Schauspiel Stuttgart and the Deutsches Theater Berlin in cooperation with their international partner Schauspiel Zürich.

Artistic directors: Andres Veiel, Julia Kaschlinski (LV)
Participating artists: Susanne-Marie Wrage, Ulrich Matthes, Sebastian Kowski, Joachim Bißmeier, Manfred Andrae, Jürgen Huth

Staatsschauspiel Stuttgart, 11 Jan. – 10 Mar. 2013
Deutsches Theater, Berlin, 16 Jan. – 30 Jun. 2013
Schauspielhaus Zürich (Switzerland), 5 – 6 Dec. 2013
Theater Luxemburg, 15 Mar. 2014


Schauspiel Stuttgart

Oberer Schlossgarten 6

70173 Stuttgart (external link, opens in a new window)