Based on the programme motto “Trojans”, the independent theatre collective “Turbo Pascal” and the Theater Freiburg have commenced a four-phased project with the goal of combining theatre research with the development of new dramatic works. Both partners have agreed to designate their formats and staff as “open sources” in a long-term project whose form and content deal with penetrating boundaries. The confrontation of their very disparate structures and working methods were used to gauge their changeability, which itself became the subject of a theatre project involving all the employees and departments in the theatre. The collaboration included a site-specific project in the Freiburg district of Haslach, a discursive festival, curated by Turbo Pascal, featuring plays produced in the independent scene, productions by Turbo Pascal shown at the Theater Freiburg, and a congress on the thematic complex “Collective work, project work and open-source processes in theatre”. Building on their joint research, performances and discussions, the residency concluded with the creation of a new play.


Theater Freiburg
Kathrin Feldhaus

Bertoldstraße 46

79098 Freiburg im Breisgau