Women of the Seven Seas

Project description

Geheimagentur is a Hamburg-based artists’ collective whose works combine performance and documentary theatre with artistic research and activism. In past years, the group has presented works at the summer festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg and the “Theater der Welt” which explored alternative uses of harbours beyond the global container trade and cruise ship romanticism.

With “Women of the Seven Seas”, Geheimagentur wishes to establish an international research network, in which female artists, activists, researchers and sailors can discuss feminist perspectives on the ocean. Studies conducted by Geheimagentur have shown that women are often the ones who are more strongly involved worldwide in presenting new perspectives on water. They advocate water recovery measures in public space, support sea rescue efforts and fair trade, and combat the destruction of maritime habitats.

The project kicks off with a “Lady Captains’ Dinner” performed by Geheimagentur which will formally launch the “Women of the Seven Seas” network. This will be followed by the opening of the “Sea Women Mission”, marked by a performance in and along the water highlighting feminist seafaring of the past and present. Geheimagentur hopes that the mission will become a place of dialogue and an internationally renowned institution, devoted to studying the relationship of the sexes to the sea. The Sea Women Mission has been provided permanent quarters by the German Port Museum in one of the buildings in the Hamburg harbour. Investigations and projects carried out by artists in residence will be presented on the premises as part of an artistic programme and exhibition. The organisers plan to hold additional networking events in two port cities in the Global South.

Artistic director: geheimagentur Participating artists, researchers and activists: Archipel, Exterritory Project, Constance Hockaday, Mary Mattingly, Schaluppe (Verein Mobile Machenschaften), Guiditta Vendrame and others

Additional Dates and Venues

Spring/summer 2022: residencies incl. showings; 2022 and 2023: further networking events


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 22 August, 2021 : first Hamburg Seawomen*parade

    Schiffsbegrüßungsanlage, Mundhalle/Strandkai , Hamburg

  • 8 August, 2021 : Symposium

    online, Hamburg


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