Woyzeck - Georg Büchner & 529 Dresden theatregoers

Addressing right-wing extremism and juvenile violence

Following the performances of Aischylus' "Oresteia" and Hauptmann's "Die Weber", Büchner's "Woyzeck" was the third part of a theatrical investigation which examined the origin and future of democracy in East Germany and the dangers it faces. "Woyzeck" is the literary adaptation of a true story about the unemployed hairdresser Johann Christian Woyzeck who was executed in Leipzig in 1824 for murdering the woman he loved. Volker Lösch's new production of the drama at the Staatsschauspiel in Dresden ventured out in search of "new Woyzecks". In his version of the play, Lösch emphasized the circumstances that evoke right extremism and juvenile violence in East Germany.

The production, which featured the Dresden Citizens Choir, also integrated the results of a survey in which 529 Dresden theatregoers listed their feelings, fears and wishes.

The performances was accompanied by a lecture and discussion series titled "Right-wing extremism and juvenile violence in East Germany", which investigated possibilities of democratic education.

Director: Volker Lösch; chorus director: Bernd Freytag, Dresden Community Chorus; stage designer: Cary Gayler; costume designer: Carola Reuther; dramaturgy: Stefan Schnabel; actors from the Schauspielhaus Dresden
Venues: Schauspielhaus, Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Schedule: premiere 12 Oct. 2007, additional performances in the 07/08 season


Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Theaterstraße 2

01067 Dresden