53rd AGI congress Berlin

Graphic design was long considered to be solely a domain of the advertising industry. To this day, practical issues continue to dominate publications and congresses. This international graphic design congress in Berlin hopes to better emphasise the theoretical aspects of graphic design with an exhibition which features widely diverse perspectives on the subject of design.

Congress management: Bernard Stein, Uwe Loesch, Detlef Fiedler; Erkmen Bülent (TR), Vladimir Chaika (RUS), Alexander Gelman (USA), Anette Lenz (F), Werner Jeker (CH), Montalvo A. Germán (MEX), Momayez Mortezsa (IR), Torrent Pedro (E), Paula Sher (USA), Fukuda Shigeo (J), David Tartakover (IL), Garth Walker (ZA) and others

Venue: Berlin


AGI Congress Berlin e.V

Strelitzer Straße 61

10115 Berlin