The current debate surrounding "aid in dying", cemetery regulations or burial laws exemplifies how the attitude toward death has changed in Western cultures. It appears as if modern Western culture is currently developing a new system of symbols and rituals. Death has become destigmatised and individualised which has led to a new visibility of death in public life, the arts and media. This congress (and exhibition) will examine the forms of this new visibility in practice (burial procedures), in media (television) and the fine arts (photography).

Director: Thomas Macho
Speakers: Walter Schels, Teresa Margolles (MEX), Robert Pogue Harrison (USA), Jay Ruby (USA), Nigel Barley (GB), Rudolf Schäfer, Andres Serrano (USA), Jeffrey Silverthorne (USA) Sue Fox (GB) and others

Venue and schedule:
Berlin, Haus der Begegnung Ahorn & Grieneisen 17 - 22 Nov. 2005


Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Kulturwissenschaftliches Seminar

Sophienstraße 22 a

10178 Berlin