Latinale 2007

Latin American poetry festival

The Latin American poetry festival Latinale toured several German cities in 2007 with its "literature mobile". Audiences in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Potsdam had the opportunity to become acquainted with ten young writers from Latin America as part of this "mobile festival". This year's Latinale focused on the area of the Andes, in particular its "neo-indigenous" poetry, and Brazil's neo-performative literature. In addition to public readings, the festival brings German writers in contact with their Latin American colleagues in a writing workshop at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig and a translating workshop at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin. The "literature mobile" was fitted with a "poetry chest" containing all the texts featured at the festival in both written and spoken form.

Artistic directors: Rike Bolte, Timo Berger
Participating artists: Angélica Freitas (BRA), Paul Puma (EC), Miguel Ildefonso (PE), Jessica Freudenthal (BOL), Damian Rios (RA), Washington Cucurto (RA), Andre Acote (CO), Paul Ilabaca (RCH), Héctor Hernández (RCH)

Venues and schedule:
Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Literaturhaus Hamburg, Literaturhaus Cologne, Literaturhaus Leipzig a.o.; 27 October - 7 November 2007


Instituto Cervantes

Rosenstraße 18 - 19

10178 Berlin