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LitFlow. Thinktank zur Zukunft der Literatur

In view of how digital and web-based technologies have revolutionized the entire literary and cultural branch, the Federal Cultural Foundation initiated the project LitFlow – a public think tank which examined these changes and the future of literature and the book market. Twenty international experts from all areas of the literary field were invited to sound out the conditions and possibilities of the literature of tomorrow. They played with ideas, developed theories and programmes, and reflected on the innovative forms of production, distribution and reception for the literary culture of tomorrow. Although the ideas generated by the think tank did not reflect the present situation, they provided a basis for addressing what kind of projects could be put into practice in the next thirty years. The think tank was accompanied by an extensive literary programme.

Listen to audio clips of the presentations, discussions and interviews on the project website (external link, opens in a new window) and discover the most surprising and fascinating innovations of tomorrow. You can also listen to the recordings of the discussions on Litradio (external link, opens in a new window) which broadcasted the think tank live on 28 September 2012 from 1 pm to 10 pm.

Concept and supervision: Guido Graf, Thomas Klupp, Stephan Porombka
Consulting and production: relations projekte Berlin
LitFlow was an event of the Federal Cultural Foundation

Think tank participants: Larry Birnbaum, Rita Bollig, Caroline Drucker, Jane Friedman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ingo Niermann, Kathrin Passig, Elisabeth Ruge, Hilmar Schmundt, Bob Stein, Philipp Teister


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