Poetry Tour: Kiev-Czernowitz-Lemberg-Berlin-Bremen

Readings in trains, Ukrainian cities, Berlin and Bremen

Igor Pomerantsev und Jurij Andruchowytsch bei der Präsentation des Projekts auf der Buchmesse in Kiew.

Very few of us are familiar with Ukrainian poetry, and even among German poets, it remains an insider’s secret. In this project, 17 Ukrainian poets went on a three-week railway tour through Ukraine together with colleagues from Israel, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. They recited their poetry on the train during transit, at stops along the way in Ukraine and also at festivals. All the poems have been read in their original language and in Ukrainian translation, and all the Ukrainian poems have been translated into German. At the readings, the Ukrainian and international poets have been placed in groups in varying combinations. The German participants – Ann Cotten, Jan Wagner, Marion Poschmann and Hans Thill – have been hand-picked by the project’s organisers. The tour concluded with joint Ukrainian-German poetry readings in Berlin and Bremen.

Artistic director: Iryna Vikyrchak (UA)
Artists: Jurij Andruchowytsch (UA), Michael Donhauser (AT), Nora Gomringer (CH), Nora Iuga (RO), Amir Or (IL), Igor Pomerantsev (GB), Andrzej Sosnowski (PL), Yoko Tawada, Jan Wagner, Serhij Zhadan (UA)

Venues and Dates:
Art Cluster EMSA, Kiev: 4 Sep. 2013; Train from Kiev to Czernowitz: 5 – 6 Sep. 2013; Czernowitz: 6 –8 Sep. 2013; Train from Czernowitz to Lemberg: 9 Sep. 2013; Lemberg: 10 – 13 Sep. 2013; Kulturbrauerei, Berlin: 24 Sep. 2013; Municipal library, Bremen: 25 Sep. 2013.


NGO Kulturnyj Kapital

Wyzhnyzjka Str. 55 B

58000 Czernowitz

www.meridiancz.com/de/lyrik-tournee/ (external link, opens in a new window)